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Two years running I spent my Valentines weekend making sugarcraft flowers, I have to say unless I actually came back with some proof the Fiance would be a little be suspicious, as all I talked about what a brilliant weekend I’d had,  an amazingly talented bloke and flowers.. 2 + 2 = 5!!

After doing the Alan Dunn Workshop last year, reviews of  Day 1 & Day 2 here, I just had to attend it this year, especially after getting my copy of Alan’s latest book Christmas  Cakes. On the Friday night demonstration, Alan make the amazing floral bouquet, he did a demo of each of the elements of the bouquet except the rose in about 2 hours.  It’s unbelievable watching him work & making everything look so easy & effortless! The bouquet is made up of Scorpion Orchid, ylang ylang , Proton, Cheese Plant leaves , yam foliage & beautiful deep red rose. Alan mentioned that he did time himself to make a similar bouquet from start to finish – 13 hours.. wow that’s impressive!

The Peony Rose below is also one of Alan’s pieces, its beautiful fully rose, approx the size of palm of hand open. Definitely one that I will have to attempt very soon.

The below is my final piece of work after 2 days, which I was really happy with, it was truly rewarding coming away with such a fanastic bouquet of exotic flowers.

Day One: The first day consisted of the big red passion-flower, which unfortunately had a few fatalities & broke some of the petals (the joys of working in sugar!) , also some hop leaves in different sizes.

Day Two: The second day we made the Fringed Vanda Orchid, yellow & plum colouring and also decorative yam foliage.

This is Alan’s Fringed Orchid in a rich pink dusting – fantastic ! This would be perfect to match up to bridesmaid dresses for a wedding cake.

Alan is so talented & if you ever get the opportunity to go to one of his demo’s or workshops its worth every penny! Am already saving for next years course!

Vick x

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Apologies for the lack of blogging recently, hopefully will get back into it now summer is coming to a close…

Here’s a pic of my friends 80’s theme b-day cake, herself, her sister & myself made on sat after much planning on their part!

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I’ve decided to put up a few pics from over the past few weeks, we recently went to a fantastic wedding in Adare at the Dunraven Arms  & had a wonderful weekend, heres a pic of the stunning Cake the groom’s aunt made,it’s so pretty.

And a pic of a cake I made for my friends gorgeous baby’s christening

Promise to get back into the sugarcraft now during the summer!!

Vick x

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Friday 26th March 2010 is National Daffodil Day which helps raise money for the Irish Cancer Society to help hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland suffering from various forms of Cancer. So please support if you see people out collecting tomorrow.

Here is my first attempt at sugarcraft Daffodils…hopefully will be part of a little spring display I’m working on!

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Just finished my spring sugarcraft night course, here’s what we made over the weeks, I haven’t yet found the perfect place to display my flowers, any excuse to go shopping at the weekend for a nice ornate bowl, vase or candle for my flowers.

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Am so tired today now, Day 2 of the Alan Dunn workshop today, we made Foxglove flowers & leaves, it was very time-consuming & took most of the day to make the buds, leaves & finally the foxglove flower, we then taped & dusted the foxglove, it looks very effective but dunno how Alan did the 7 or 8 sprays of it for his Wild Flowers book, must have taken a week non stop! We also made Cranes Bill Leaves, similar to japanese maple leaf & alan demonstrated the Cranes Bill Flower however due to time constraints we didn’t finish the flowers. I’ve attached pics of my final Foxglove, Orchid & Begonia Arrangement & Alan’s Cranes Bill testing few colour variations (normally they are plum in colour. I really enjoyed the two days & can’t wait till his next one!

Orchid, Begonia & Butterfly

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Very excited to have met Alan Dunn, king of sugarcraft flowers! He’s amazing, he came to Dublin this weekend & held a demonstration on Friday night where he made this beautiful Peony Rose & Butterfly.

In the workshop today we made a Degarmoara Orchid & Begonia Leaf arrangement with our little butterfly. Here’s a few pics from todays workshop… I am in awe of how easy he makes everything look! (Apologies Photos seem to have uploaded in reverse order!)

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Happy new year to one and all & Best wishes, health and happiness in 2010.

Well the eve of New Years Eve we travelled down early for my friends wedding, we dropped off the cake at around 3pm & went for a swift drink to releive the stress! I have to say a two hour drive & icy roads with three cakes, two elephants, and very nervous Vicky was a nerve racking journey. All I could think of was we’d slip on ice & we’d have cake splatered all over the Jeep! Thankfully all went well.
The wedding of my friend Kerry who I lived with in College who married Rick front man of former band The Hinges! Kerry asked me months ago to make her cake & saw a pic of two little elephants which she wanted on top of the cake – elephant bride & groom. The bridesmaid dresses were beautiful Cranberry colour. Kerry decided to go for a Fruit Cake, Chocolate Biscuit Cake & Chocolate Sponge & Chocolate Buttercream. I made an 11 , 9 & 7 inch cakes, which were covered with almond icing & white fondant. I also added Cala Lily’s which was a mixture of raspberry & ruby colours mixed together, I dusted them with Ruby dust, these were taped with Ivy leaves.
Previously I had only made a one tier cake for my cousins wedding after party during the summer so this was a real test for me.
Happy Cake making xx

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So christmas festivities went well drank and ate loads, on count down to 2010 now, however I have a New Years Eve wedding which I can’t wait for. I’m making my friend’s wedding cake, so pressure is on at the mo! Its my first wedding cake & to say a little stressed is a bit of an understatement. Just nervous I suppose… to make sure that transporting the cake will go ok! and of course assembly! I’ll post pics next week. (fingers crossed will all be ok)

I’ve attached a few pics of pomegranate flowers that I made for Christmas, wrapped around candle. Also my poinsettia that I was really existed to make as I bought the cutters and veiners at the NEC and couldn’t wait make the poinsettia, I was pretty happy with it & was it the topper for our Christmas Cake( which I forgot to take picture of!). I’ve also attached pics of last years Christmas cake of my Polar Bears and few other christmas decorations from last year. Was hoping to put up a tutorial but unfort. time caught up with me! My news years resolution to give more TLC to my blog! xx

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Fairytale Castle

Last week I was in London at a Debbie Brown workshop in her home, we made a Fairytale castle cake, which was really cute and would be fab for a little girls birthday if dusted with pink & pink or purple flowers attached. I dusted mine in gold dust which would look amazing on a wedding cake.

I absolutely loved the workshop, Debbie is amazing and so relaxed and there was no stress or rushing. There was only 4 of us in the workshop but she had 14 the day before. She even made us fab Chocolate Shortbread on the break.

My poor cake dummy got a battering flying home, security turned box on its side and two of the towers fell off but I managed to put them back on, however one was like the leaning tower of piza after! However it was only a dummy & not going to be used on a cake anyway! However I didn’t get a pic before I left Debbie’s House on the pics I’m putting up are after the bashing!

Hope you like it. xx

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