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If you are a follower of my blog you’ll definitely be aware of the fact that I’m from Dungarvan & greatly admire what Paul Flynn has done for both the South East Food Industry & Irish Cuisine. I have to admit that I was disappointed that RTE aired the TV series on in the height of  the summer season (which is probably debatable if you look at the window in this country!) and also the on air slot of 7pm & not primetime viewing of 8.30pm which it deserves!

As a lover of all things foodie, I do watch out for up and coming chefs and they deserve their spot on TV as with Donal Skehan, a self thought cook & blogger who is a great energy & enthusiasm for young budding cooks, who got prime time TV airing at 8.30pm, subsequently it was a great success. It is such a disgrace to have such an accomplished chef like Paul Flynn fall into the time bracket of mum’s dishing up dinner, people only coming in the door from work or others enjoying what is left of the long summers evenings.

Enough of a rant!! The first episode in Paul Flynn Irish Food definitely showed his flair & passion for Irish food that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Having been lucky enough to have attended the Tannery Cookery School on two occasions for demonstrations, it really is great benefit to watch such a professional at work & learn new tricks of the trade.  It was great to show such simple economic yet tasty recipes – Apple Puff Squares, Roast Rack of Pork, Potato & Sweet Potato Gratin. All of which could easily be served up at dinner party or sunday lunch , not to mention be on the menu in The Tannery Restaurant.  I definitely will have to try the Roast Pork as the crackling looked amazingly crunchy & the pork still so tenderly cooked. Check out the recipes online:


Anyway will have to dash home early the next few weeks to make sure that I don’t miss the new TV series.

Happy Viewing!  Vick x

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A few weeks ago saw a rare weekend in Dublin it has to be said, living here mid-week i lead a second life in the country at the weekends, it seems like i’m like a turtle with all my belongs on my back!!

For many years i’ve been trying to convince my Mum to come up to Dublin to visit The Winding Stairs restaurant, it’s been a while since i’ve been there myself, but it definitely isn’t a let down. Located above a bookshop, if this restaurant had a cookbook it would be up there on the top of my list, its kinda that River Cottage meets Nigel Slater feel to the menu!

The vast menu has a mixture of traditional Irish with a twist, black pudding, chorizo, cockles & musells and pork.

I choose the Rhubarb stuffed Black pig pork fillet with roasted cube potatoes,  warm mixed bean and spinach salad and pear soured cream- it was beautiful the pork fillet was very tender, with very mild pork flavour, the contrast between the sharp rhubarb, tender pork and sour cream was amazing. The beans salad was great combination and light side dish.

Rhubarb stuffed Black Pig Pork Fillet with roasted cubed potatoes, warm mixed bean and spinach salad and pear soured cream.

Potted Dingle Bay Crab

Ted Browne’s Kerry Prawns with garlic and lemon

I would highly recommend a visit to the winding stairs, great atmosphere, amazing Irish food in a fab old building and of course a winding staircase , they do offer lunch and evening menus, do book ahead if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Enjoy Vick x

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