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Mad as a March hare

March has just disappeared so quickly, I’ve been a little lazy on my blog posts lately, however with the extra hour of springtime, i’ll be back baking & cooking lots more… here’s what i’ve been up to the last few weeks, Christening / Birthday celebrations and yummy mini party merignue’s!!

Christening Cake

Iggle Piggle & Molly’s 2nd Birthday

Perfect meringue’s…


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Two years running I spent my Valentines weekend making sugarcraft flowers, I have to say unless I actually came back with some proof the Fiance would be a little be suspicious, as all I talked about what a brilliant weekend I’d had,  an amazingly talented bloke and flowers.. 2 + 2 = 5!!

After doing the Alan Dunn Workshop last year, reviews of  Day 1 & Day 2 here, I just had to attend it this year, especially after getting my copy of Alan’s latest book Christmas  Cakes. On the Friday night demonstration, Alan make the amazing floral bouquet, he did a demo of each of the elements of the bouquet except the rose in about 2 hours.  It’s unbelievable watching him work & making everything look so easy & effortless! The bouquet is made up of Scorpion Orchid, ylang ylang , Proton, Cheese Plant leaves , yam foliage & beautiful deep red rose. Alan mentioned that he did time himself to make a similar bouquet from start to finish – 13 hours.. wow that’s impressive!

The Peony Rose below is also one of Alan’s pieces, its beautiful fully rose, approx the size of palm of hand open. Definitely one that I will have to attempt very soon.

The below is my final piece of work after 2 days, which I was really happy with, it was truly rewarding coming away with such a fanastic bouquet of exotic flowers.

Day One: The first day consisted of the big red passion-flower, which unfortunately had a few fatalities & broke some of the petals (the joys of working in sugar!) , also some hop leaves in different sizes.

Day Two: The second day we made the Fringed Vanda Orchid, yellow & plum colouring and also decorative yam foliage.

This is Alan’s Fringed Orchid in a rich pink dusting – fantastic ! This would be perfect to match up to bridesmaid dresses for a wedding cake.

Alan is so talented & if you ever get the opportunity to go to one of his demo’s or workshops its worth every penny! Am already saving for next years course!

Vick x

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