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Apologies for the lack of blogging recently, hopefully will get back into it now summer is coming to a close…

Here’s a pic of my friends 80’s theme b-day cake, herself, her sister & myself made on sat after much planning on their part!

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Seeing as we are looking to get a late summer, I reckon the Barbies will be back in action & coals buring late into the night over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed this nice weather will stay a little longer & we can enjoy long evening drinking processco & strawberries, eating BBQ burgers, roast courgettes & peppers…. yummy!

Here’s some burgers & homemade wedges that I rustled up (luv my cute little Ikea rice bowl – so handy for dips or side dishes)


Vick x

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Finally here are the pics from my review of O’Briens Chophouse , Lismore https://vickscakes.wordpress.com/2010/04/11/

Brown Bread

Brocolli & Hollandaise Sauce

Lamb Kidneys on Toast

Sea Bass with Wild Garlic Mash

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