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Am so tired today now, Day 2 of the Alan Dunn workshop today, we made Foxglove flowers & leaves, it was very time-consuming & took most of the day to make the buds, leaves & finally the foxglove flower, we then taped & dusted the foxglove, it looks very effective but dunno how Alan did the 7 or 8 sprays of it for his Wild Flowers book, must have taken a week non stop! We also made Cranes Bill Leaves, similar to japanese maple leaf & alan demonstrated the Cranes Bill Flower however due to time constraints we didn’t finish the flowers. I’ve attached pics of my final Foxglove, Orchid & Begonia Arrangement & Alan’s Cranes Bill testing few colour variations (normally they are plum in colour. I really enjoyed the two days & can’t wait till his next one!

Orchid, Begonia & Butterfly

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Very excited to have met Alan Dunn, king of sugarcraft flowers! He’s amazing, he came to Dublin this weekend & held a demonstration on Friday night where he made this beautiful Peony Rose & Butterfly.

In the workshop today we made a Degarmoara Orchid & Begonia Leaf arrangement with our little butterfly. Here’s a few pics from todays workshop… I am in awe of how easy he makes everything look! (Apologies Photos seem to have uploaded in reverse order!)

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 That day has come around so quickly, yep its my Birthday but I thought about it long and hard yesterday & decided “One should not bake one’s own Birthday cake!” Therefore I opted to go to SQ & buy some chocolate profiteroles instead.

I got this really cute little jug & sugar bowl from my friend, i luv them they are so cute. She got them in Avoca, they are a brand called Pip studio, however just found some lovely pics of their range on the blog below – gorgeous pretty, bright blog http://decor8blog.com I also picked up really cute cards & tiny pegs with hugs & kisses on them – hav yet to decide where i will use them.

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Pancake Tuesday

I have to say as much as I love pancakes, it seems that most of us only make them once a year! Pancakes are so simple to make & so versatile, can be eaten with either sweet or savoury fillings.I love pancakes served with squeeze of lemon & orange & little sugar- simple but always tasty. My aunt from Yorkshire, is the queen of pancakes, she used to make us dinner with pancake served with stew & mash on top, the tradition came from during the war when they had no meat so had their dinner served on pancakes to get the protein!  Of course the same pancake batter is perfect for Yorkshire puddings for your Roast Beef dinner, so if you have as little mixture over just heat some oil in muffin tins, then spoon in the batter & cook in oven for approx 30mins until the Yorkshire puddings are golden, light and airy. A different variant is Toad in the Hole, cook some onions, sausages in a high sided pyrex dish in oven, when the sausages are golden, add in the batter & cook for approx 40mins at 180C. gorgeous served with spring onion mash & red onion gravy!

I swear by Delia Smiths recipe for pancakes, it never failed me….yet!


4 oz / 110g flour

2 large eggs

200ml milk mixed with 75ml water

2 oz / 50g butter

pinch of salt


Sift flour into large bowl, then make well in the centre & break eggs into flour, mix with fork, then gently add the milk/water mix & beat as you go to ensure there is no lumpy bits. Add two tablespoons of melted butter to the batter & pinch of salt. Then place batter in fridge overnight or for at least an hour before using.

Melt some butter in the non stick pan,then using a ladle, scoop in the batter, the trick is to have the butter hot, but not steaming, when the batter has cooked, you should be able to move it around in the pan, then flip over and cook other side.

Then serve as you like, with lemon & sugar, ice-cream & sauce .

Also check out www.thegoodmoodfoodblog.com recipe for Nutella & Roasted hazelnut Pancakes.

Enjoy xx

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Love is…..

Love is… to me its food, sweet- cakes, muffins, pavolva and i also loves cheeses & savoury crackers! Heaven

With Valentines day fast approaching if you are feeling in the spirit of giving, i thought I’d add some cute ideas for you to make, nothing nicer than something to fill your stomach!

The Little Valentines Bear is made from Fondant & could be holding a bunch of roses or even a love letter!!

I made some simple heart shaped cookies & covered them with white chocolate & red  icing – early pressied for my Boyfriend for Valentines Day !

Below is Heart shaped chocolate cake with chocolate gnache & raspberry cream from Nigella Lawson’s Feast cookbook – I made this last year for Mothers Day. It tasted gorgeous, rich chocolate with sharpness of the raspberries.

Also below is a little Valentines mouse which is 3D on a fondant plaque to put on top of a cake.

There are loads of sweet valentines ideas about, including Bars full of love from M&S, heart shaped chocolates & even Marry me cakes! Superquinn have heart shaped gingerbread, yummy.

Happy Valentines Day. xx

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