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So christmas festivities went well drank and ate loads, on count down to 2010 now, however I have a New Years Eve wedding which I can’t wait for. I’m making my friend’s wedding cake, so pressure is on at the mo! Its my first wedding cake & to say a little stressed is a bit of an understatement. Just nervous I suppose… to make sure that transporting the cake will go ok! and of course assembly! I’ll post pics next week. (fingers crossed will all be ok)

I’ve attached a few pics of pomegranate flowers that I made for Christmas, wrapped around candle. Also my poinsettia that I was really existed to make as I bought the cutters and veiners at the NEC and couldn’t wait make the poinsettia, I was pretty happy with it & was it the topper for our Christmas Cake( which I forgot to take picture of!). I’ve also attached pics of last years Christmas cake of my Polar Bears and few other christmas decorations from last year. Was hoping to put up a tutorial but unfort. time caught up with me! My news years resolution to give more TLC to my blog! xx

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I love Christmas and everything about it,  decorating the tree, wrapping the presents, making mince pies & icing the cake. I had my annual traditional Christmas dinner with college girls two weeks ago and we had the works, this year each made a dish so I was on the Mince Pies and also make chocolate oreo balls! Yes I know sound bit funny but they are yummy.

I have attached pics of the Christmas table below, I wrapped the cutlery in ribbon & tied on Christmas decoration. The name tags are gift tags which I downloaded from www.eatdrinkchic.com and instead used them as place names. I also used the jumbo gift tag for my Christmas Menu.

Festive Mince Pies (makes approx 24 with star lids on top)


8oz / 225g Plain Flour

2oz / 50g icing sugar

5oz / 150g butter at room temp.

1 small egg yolk, 1 tsp cold water & 1/2 tsp lemon juice – beaten together

Filling: 12oz/ 350g mincemeat

Preheat oven to 200C


To make pastry: Sieve Flour and icing sugar together, place half the flour /icing sugar mixture in a mixing bowl, together with margarine and beaten egg mixture. Cream with a fork until well mixed. Add the remaining flour and mix to a firm dough. Knead lightly until smooth, placed in a plastic bag or cling film and leave in fridge for 1 hour.

To make mince pies: Grease the bun tins, roll out two thirds of the pastry thinly on lightly floured table. cut into rounds with a fluted cutter a little larger  than the tins.  Line the tins with these rounds sealing to the tins with the fingers. Place one heaped teaspoon of mincemeat in each.

For mince pie lids: Roll out remaining pastry and cut out star shapes enough to cover mince pie bases. Dampen around the edges of the pies & put on stars. Brush each with egg white. Bake for approx 30mins or until golden. Sprinkle with icing sugar before serving.

A friend of mine from New Zealand has a family tradition of making meringue mince pies, they make the pastry base as per above & fill with a tsp of mincemeat then put a spoon of meringue on top and cook accordingly. These are a yummy alternative to the traditional mince pies!

Happy Christmas & happy eating, drinking & dancing! xx

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Baby Shower…

I  was very excited when my friends sister e-mailed me about a surprise baby shower she was holding for my friend Rosalie, as you know this is not a tradition in Ireland to have baby showers and originates from USA.

However Rosalie has American blood so it was very apt to have a baby shower, her sister organized loads of games for the shower, old wife’s tales to guess if the baby was boy or girl. Also guy name, weight and length. Also whether the baby will pick up mum or dads traits… hair, colour eye, feet obviously if its a boy he doesn’t want his mum dainty feet!!

Long story short the poor girl nearly went into labour when she arrived home to a house full of woman and children!

I saw a cake ages ago with a bump, its really cute and prob only opportunity that i’ll ever have to make baby shower cake. It was funny watching Rosalie slice it, she thought it was like doing a C-section on herself!

Hope you like the cake & can’t wait to meet the new born… not long to go….x

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