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Fairytale Castle

Last week I was in London at a Debbie Brown workshop in her home, we made a Fairytale castle cake, which was really cute and would be fab for a little girls birthday if dusted with pink & pink or purple flowers attached. I dusted mine in gold dust which would look amazing on a wedding cake.

I absolutely loved the workshop, Debbie is amazing and so relaxed and there was no stress or rushing. There was only 4 of us in the workshop but she had 14 the day before. She even made us fab Chocolate Shortbread on the break.

My poor cake dummy got a battering flying home, security turned box on its side and two of the towers fell off but I managed to put them back on, however one was like the leaning tower of piza after! However it was only a dummy & not going to be used on a cake anyway! However I didn’t get a pic before I left Debbie’s House on the pics I’m putting up are after the bashing!

Hope you like it. xx

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I’d a wonderful time at the Cake Exbo in the NEC at Birmingham at the weekend, one of my friends Breda came with me and her foodie friend Mel, even though breda has no interest in icing she loved the day (or so she let on!!) We arrived there early with suitcase in toe, it was my first time so i was a little niave, thinking there wouldn’t be many people there, but it was thronged early in the morning.

We tried to make a plan to get to every stall, there was so many stalls with cake tins, colourings, dusts, cutters, ribbons, everything else you can think of… i bought a few essential items, if i had a wallet full i would have spent every penny on cake stands and stencils, character tins, but airlines have weight restrictions and my purse had a hole!!  I can’t wait to try out my new ponsettia and orchid cutters neither of which I have made before!

I’ve attached a few pics from the show they were amazing, i have loads more of sugarcraft flowers, which I will post again, there is a pic of hippy love cake this is the top tier from my friends cake that she made at a Debbie Brown Workshop on Oct Bank Hol. It was amazing. The character cakes are from Debbie Browns stand (fireman sam, fairytale castle & Thomas the Tank), while the Wonky Cakes are from Lindy Smith, everything else were competition enteries.

Hope you like the pics. xx

Toy Box 3Toy Box2Toy Box 4Toy BoxFlowersWonky Cake 2Wonky CakeHippy Love CakeFireman SamFairytale

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Channel Handbag

I was away on hols last week and went to the knitting & stitching show with my mum and sister, they are much more crafty than me, sister can pick up needles and knit anything, she bought fab giant needles to make a rug or scarf, they are made by a lady in England who had world record knitting needles there, they were about 10 foot long. really cool, i bought some material, really cool jelly roll to make patchwork quilt although must finish my current quilt, will post a pic of it when i go about finishing it, but someone there told me i was defo a quilter if you start one thing and move onto the next! not sure is that good or bad thing. But defo if you are into sewing, knitting, papercraft or generally interested in crafty things like us you should defo go along next year.

I made a cake when I was off for my friends sisters 30th, she wanted a handbag cake in cerise pink so I’ve posted the pic below, the cake is based on cake from the Planet Cake book which is an Australian book leant to me by a friend. But if you want to try a few cake projects its brilliant book with loads of basics & techniques at the start of the book and then beautiful pics of the cakes & cupcakes with full templates at back of the book. It outlines in detail with pencil drawings step by step instructions. My cake was a Channel Handbag with the padded sides & the two iconic C’s and twisted handles. I also added on black beading on the end of the cake for detail.

Bit disappointed never got to make my Halloween cookies this year but was action packed Halloween to celebrate my friends hen party in Galway… there’s always next year! Although I did manage to make Pirate Cupcakes for my godsons Halloween Party, he really wanted a Skull and Crossbones Cake, but its on the way… in the mean time I had to keep him sweet!!

Channel CakeChannel Cake 2PiratePirates

Hope you like it! Vick xx

PS. I was over at the International Cake Exhibition in Birmingham at the wkend so will upload some cool pics of that the cakes were AMAZING.

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