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Good Mood Food

good mood food  bookI’ve been a fan of good mood food blog with ages, Donal Skehan is the host of a great blog. I love Donals picture, cooking tips & ideas. My favourite is the Mojito chicken, i have to say his Oreo cupcakes look amazing, but have not yet attempted them, can’t wait to try them! I went along to the launch of good mood food cook book on Wednesday, the nibbles were lovely, brushetta with yummy toppings and mini cinnamon buns. Had a great night & got my copy of the book signed. Good Mood Food is great book which does what it says on the tin, “simple healthy cooking”.

The book is full of great recipes from breakfast, lunch,dinners & sweets with healing and wholesome foods stuffed into the book aswell. I have made a good number of recipes from the blog, bagels, muffins, and salads, so was very excited to hear about the venture of writing a book. There are loads more great recipes which I can’t wait to try.

Overall, this is a great book for anyone with an interest in cooking or new to the kitchen, its fun, simple with great variety of dishes and flavours. I think Donal’s great personality comes across in the book, as its full of life & great vibrant photos.

Happy Cooking!


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The Cliff House Hotel is set in the beautiful surroundings of Ardmore village, in West Waterford overlooking the bay of ardmore, the restaurant in the Cliff House makes it feel like you are floating on water while eating your lunch. The food is delicious and served in a very artistic manor. I have eaten there a few times however the first time I came across the brilliant Martijn Kajuiter in action was at the Waterford Festival of Food earlier in 2009. It was refreshing how interested he was in Irish food and how sustainable we are as a nation and an island. He set up a herb and vegetable garden at the Cliff House when he joined in 2007. He believed that we should use everything fresh where possible and also utilise natural elements such as carrigeen as a natural setting agent. He demonstrated how to make Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks which were so tend & melt in the mouth, Potato Salad with Bacon, mustard & Spring Onions which was delicious. At the break there was little chocolate colour hemisphere’s on lollipop sticks with a dollop of what looked like white chocolate, however when I went to take a bite out of it discoverd it was a jelly made from slow cooked beef with dollop of horseradish. But was very tasty after getting over my dissapointment that it wasn’t chocolate!

Martijn originates who from Holland, has a very different way of cooking, it is a science & art form. He cooks most meats and even eggs in a water bath at the magic tempeture of if i can remember i think was 64C. He cooked an egg in its shell at this temperature and when he broke it onto the plate it was still soft but kept its shape, very like pouched egg, then he finished it off with a paresam froth.

The Cliff House Hotel Cookbook has some amazing pictures & is laid out beautifully with an introduction to the Hotel and then onto soups, breads and butters in the first section and then onto vingerretts and ‘the garden’ which seemlessly leads into seafood, meat and then into desserts. Alot of the recipes in this book are based on traitional irish dishes with Martjin’s twist to them. Recipes  includes shrimp on bed of salt (cover picture of the cookbook), also oysters and lamb shank, bacon & colcannon, chocolate custard, gooseberry fool, rhubarb crumble & Ardmore carrot cake. The images alone are worth the buy. His style is a wonder in its own – fantastic.

The Cliff House Hotel Cookbook is available from good bookshops now, at price of €24.99  & is a defo on my Christmas wish list…

See below link to Georgina Campbells review:


Hope you enjoy the book & Happy cooking. xx

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The love of Cows!



Yesterday was my housemates birthday and what better way to celebrate than make a cake for her. The smile on her face when she saw it was hilarious, however it quickly turned to disappointed as she would hav to eat it & couldn’t keep it!!




Cow Cake



Being a member of the food faculty in UCC,meant you became a Cow Puncher. The cow puncher society mainly revolved around anything drink related and raising money for charity! Our obbsession with anything cow print, cow shaped, anything that moo’s came from the crazy days in college as part of the food faculty. Being a member of the food faculty in

As i live with a fellow cow puncher our house has cows everywhere, ornaments, jugs etc, at times i have to hold myself back!
How to make the Cow Cake:
I made a chocolate maderia cake & put it in 1 Litre pudding bowl & cooked in the oven, when cool I cut off the top of the cake & turned it upside down on the board, I put chocolate buttercream icing on it & covered it with green fondant.  I then made a white oval shaped plaque which I was going to put the Happy Birthday message on it.





Green field

Next I coloured some pink and black. To make the body: roll a large piece of white fondant into a ball and then shaped it into a cone shape. To make the legs: make 4 small sausage shape in white icing.Then roll 4 tiny balls of black about the size of pea & shape into tear drop, cut the V shape end with a scissors to make the hoof. To make the cows head: roll piece of white  icing about half the size of the body into a ball and elongate into oval shape, then cut a third of bottom of oval off. next roll pink ball about half size of the head into same oval shape & cut in half. Glue the white and pink together to make the cows head, then using pokey tool, make nostrils & eyes, or to make closed /sleeping eyes use the smiley tool. Next roll out some small pea size black balls & flatten & glue to cows body and legs to make the patches. Next assemble cow, either lying down, with legs under the cow or sitting up with legs out & attach udders.

Cow body

Hope you like it! xx

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